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Production Services

Production Capabilities with IKA Collective NY/LA

  1. BTS and EPK Packages
    With crews all over the world, we can shoot anywhere, at any time. We have full service operations on both coasts and in Canada, offering complete packages from shoot through post as well as a la carte services.
  2. Branded Content
    Specializing in sponsored short form content, our creative team is experienced with building brand awareness by associating it with entertainment to get results.
  3. Scalable Production Services
    Our team of seasoned producers have decades of experience working worldwide with all ranges of budgets, crew sizes, gear and logistical parameters. We offer complete production services for: broadcast, digital, web, mobile, interactive, streaming and live events as well as experimental and developing technologies.
  4. Insert Stage
    18'X25'' in- house production sound stage.
  5. Creative Post
    Everything comes together in the edit. From first cut to final color - and all the black magic in-between. Our post crew brings a wealth of skill and creativity to the table.
  6. VFX, Compositing & Motion Gfx
    Need flying cars? Need a virtual set extension so your backyard actually looks like the rainforest in your script? Need blood but don't feel like getting sticky? Need explosions but don't feel like getting burned or going to jail? - Let our talented VFX team take your project up a notch.